The Costume Bank - your complete costume service

From party and convention needs to professional theatrical productions to film and TV, The Costume Bank is your one-stop centre for costumes in the Lower Mainland!

  • For individuals - parties, conventions and events
    Looking for a memorable look or particular character for a party or convention? The Costume Bank is where you'll find it. Because of the theatrical nature of the collection, making great costumes for special occasions is fun. You won't get a "cookie cutter" look. The costume will fit you, as well as give you the new personality you're searching for!
  • For theatre companies
    Our huge selection means we can offer convenient one-stop rental services for entire costume inventories. Why look all over or "reinvent the wheel" for every production you put on? Instead, your costume mistress' energy can go into creating your lead characters' pieces. Pricing considerations are given for schools and non-profit theatres/organizations. See our rental agreement for terms.
  • For film and TV
    Your wardrobe needs were never easier to fulfill than at The Costume Bank. With our incredible selection, you'll easily find the look you need for your entire cast. We're a resource that can help keep you on time and under budget!
  • Online Catalog
    There are over 4,700 pieces in our current online collection - and that's just a fraction of our total inventory of over 15,000 items! Each inventoried item is fully described and many have photos. (Many of the "models" are the satisfied customers who have rented and enjoyed my costumes in the past!) Don't hesitate to contact us regarding inventory yet to be posted. Please look at the FAQ and contact us regarding availability. Click here to view the catalog!