Rental Agreement

  1. The costumes are to be respected and returned in as close to the condition in which they were issued to you. Alterations are needed but should be done as carefully as possible. These should be removed before the costume is returned to Rene’s Costume Bank. Under no circumstances should a costume be cut or premanently changed!
  2. The costumes must be cleaned before they are returned. Unless stated on the tag, do not wash the pieces.
  3. There will be a 5% per day penalty on all costumes not returned by the return date.
  4. The cost of the rental is due upon removal of the costumes from the warehouse.
  5. A deposit cheque will be left upon rental. This will reflect the value of many irreplaceable items. (hats, etc) and will not be cashed unless the items are harmed or not returned.
  6. The renting company will have the liability and insurance for the pieces borrowed. Once the pieces have left the warehouse, Rene’s Costume Bank is not responsible for either the costume or the user of these pieces.
  7. All damaged and missing pieces will be accessed upon inspection after the return of the rental. Replacement or repair costs will be billed in these circumstances.
  8. There is a $25 administration fee for all rentals under $200.
  9. Each rental includes approx. 1 hour of access to the collection for choice purposes. If you chose to bring in your actors of fitting and selection, it can be facilitated. In excess of one hour will bill out at $20/ Hr.